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  • Standards-based Project Based Learning (PBL)
    Engage students in deep & sustained learning and relevance of content to a world beyond the school borders.
    Understand how the PBL Unit structure is used either as a powerful tool in a varied toolbox or as the school-wide system for curriculum implementation.
    Develop powerful experiences that nurtures student voice and inquiry learning. This enables students to take action with their learning and own the processes.
  • Differentiated Instruction (DI)
    Meet the needs of all students, from those who struggle to the gifted through intentional planning and coaching structures.
    Empower students to understand the diverse ways that they learn, and advocate for their instructional needs.
    Design lessons, units, and culture that systemically addresses needs of all students.
    Understand the symbiotic relationship between Formative Assessments and Differentiated Instruction.
  • 21st Century Capabilities
    Help students understand the language of Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Creativity/Innovation—just to start. Leads to self-empowerment for learning and communities’ navigation.
    Develop specific and actionable strategies for coaching and assessing 21st Century Capabilities.
    Craft structures for implementing 21st Century Capabilities for systemic support of classroom and school culture.

Opening Paths can meet your needs to effect positive and sustainable change in practices. Contact for a free consultation conversation, possibly resulting in development of a customized plan that raises teacher practice and lead towards increased student achievement, and the skills students need to find success in any post-secondary experience. From extensive experience supporting schools in Wayne County, I understand the diverse settings and complex challenges of school communities; and I can help you develop and implement a plan that meets your long term vision for students.

Contact: John McCarthy, Ed.S.


Wayne RESA: Former School Improvement Consultant for Wayne County

National Professional Development Expert based in Michigan

Contributions to Michigan Educators and Students

  • Lead statewide Professional Development for Standards-based Project Based Learning –
  • Co-lead statewide conferences and PD on Differentiated Instruction

International work with districts and schools on PBL, DI, and 21st Century Capabilities – United States, Australia, and Canada

Contact for a scheduled appointment. Look forward supporting you.

John McCarthy, Ed.S., Executive Educator
Twitter: @jmccarthyeds

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