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Jan 23

So All Can Learn – Preorders Available

So All Can Learn: A practical guide to Differentiation Launch Date: February 28 Pre-orders Available: R&L and Amazon Teaching to all learners feels like an enormous challenge. Add obstacles such as class size, time, and top down mandates, and it’s not surprising that teachers may succumb to the temptation to just survive. The reality is …

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Nov 09

Getting Students Excited for the New Semester: Use These 11 Online Tools!

Here is a Guest Blog by the talented Julie Petersen. The topic is timely with rich resources to meet any classroom teacher looking to expand their practice for meeting learner needs. Julie Petersen is a private English language tutor and a blogger, who features the latest career and educational trends in her articles. At present …

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Jan 03

PLN Resources for a New Year

As we launch ourselves into a new year, which is really the middle of the current school year, here are some resources that helps to grow a PLN. The work of teaching is on-going, and a big part of it is deepening our own learning. Here are some places that can open doors to a …

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Feb 10

Links Teachers Use Today pt1

At every workshop I facilitate, I share several resources that support teacher’s supporting student learning. Recently in Nashville, TN, I asked the teachers to share resources that they use in working with students. What follows is the list they generated. What might you add to the list via the comments to impact student learning? www.watchknowlearn.org …

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