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So All Can Learn:
A Practical Guide for Differentiation

by John McCarthy, EdS

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Learning from Educators about Virtual Learning Practices

Frequent questions are asked about teaching and learning through virtual, blended, and hybrid models. While viewpoints may vary on how each of these models are defined, they all share an expectation to serve learners who attend remotely. Those who attend in-person can also benefit from the tools and structures provided in the virtual environment when …

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Milanote – Review of a Collaboration Tool

by Guest Blogger, Dagan McCarthy @DaganMcCarthy Milanote (https://milanote.com) is an interesting tool that allows for creating and sharing outlines with groups of people. It is sort of like Google Doc in that way. Milanote is intuitive allowing for you to hit the ground writing such as its whiteboard at: https://www.milanote.com/product/online-whiteboard. Within five minutes of working …

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Exploring ways to Keep LEARNERS at the Center of Instruction & Learning

Learning takes on many forms. Offering a mixed approach helps learners to explore from different contexts. This is why we’ve explored previously resources that support Open Education Resources (OER) that provides a treasure trove of rich quality material for instruction to be used, revised, and remixed with full rights to do so. Also, we’ve looked …

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Differentiation Design Guide

By John McCarthy – Twitter: @JMcCarthyEdS Planning for Differentiation can feel challenging and overwhelming. Having written on this topic numerous times, a common concern raised by teachers is how complex it appears to plan for six elements: Instructional Planning: Content, Process, and Product Learner Access: Readiness, Interests, and Learning Preferences   Planning should not be …

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