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“There are many paths to success, it’s just a matter of finding them, and committing to the journey.”

John McCarthy, Ed.S.
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I’m passionate about advocating for students. Education done well is a powerful vehicle to develop and empower learners to become the next generation of global citizens. Through my many experiences across the United States and different parts of the world supporting staffs and students, I take away valuable ideas to share, and help other schools realize that they are not alone.  As a teacher, coach, and consultant, I enjoy helping schools design, improve and implement instructional systems that support positive changes that benefit the best interests of their students. Some of my experiences include:

  • Taught as a classroom teacher in urban, suburban, and rural settings.
  • Pioneered online instructional technology using an online classroom, designed to support classroom instruction.
  • Develop effective uses of social media and online platforms for instruction and learning.
  • Served 34 school districts, plus private and charter schools in the largest county in Southeast Michigan.
  • Led statewide initiatives including Leading Project Based Learning and STEM PBL for developing PBL Teachers.
  • Keynote for Differentiated Instruction conferences.
  • Consults with schools across the United States on Project Based Learning, Differentiated Instruction, and Instructional Strategies in Global Competency Skills.

Some of my expertise includes:

  • Project Based Learning (PBL)
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Project Management
  • Policy & Program Development
  • Instruction/Curriculum design
  • Common Core & Assessment Practices
  • Staff Development & Transformation
  • Blended Online Learning  
  • At-Risk Student Engagement




I founded Opening Paths to help educators realize their vision for students to become our future leaders in their communities, industries, and the world. All that is required is a vision for helping students become proficient with Global Competencies, which will enable their success in any post-secondary pathway they choose. Deep content learning + Global Competencies = The Next Generation of Leaders

options to solutions

Opening Paths, LLC is an organization that is dedicated to providing high quality support to schools, districts, and educational organizations.

We serve K-12 and University educators and students, and the learning systems meant to support them. Experienced with district/school improvement planning and data analysis, our approach to consulting and coaching builds internal capacity so that you become self-sustaining as a key outcome. Support is customized via collaborative planning and implementation to remove barriers that block what your learners (adults and children) need.

We also support businesses looking for creative solutions to their systems that leads to greater efficiency through professional development and systems development for ongoing staff and client support.