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Three ways to Build Student-Centric Engagement in Virtual and Blended Learning

Engaging students in virtual and blended learning can feel challenging and overwhelming. When students feel connected to the learning, they are more likely to engage into the tasks. One approach is to build structures where students make active decisions and take actions during the lessons, which is the focus of this writing. For ways to …

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Empower Student Voice through Collaboration and Communication

When my son was a 9th grader, he was on a team with a student who struggled with completing tasks. After a week, my son shared the team’s frustrations, as they felt helpless to convince the student to move past excuses and make attempts at the work. Fortunately, the teaching staff trained students on a …

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Empowering Students with Strong Collaboration Skills

What really is Collaboration? Collaboration is an important 21st Century skill that is of critical need for our students as the future participants of industry, entrepreneurial opportunities, education, and government. Collaboration is a valuable commodity that in its appearance seems more art than science, when the opposite is just as true. Here are three definitions …

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