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Student Voice & Minecraft PBL

Last week during the snow days, or rather the Freeze days of -30+ degree weather, my son spent those two days writing and revising a proposal, sharing its content with his peers, and analyzing work by others for critical logic flaws and idea development. The weekend prior he spent researching several ideas, and then pitched …

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Minecraft for Learning, pt. 2

Minecraft for Learning, Part 2: (Follow me on twitter at @jmccarthyeds to stay up to date on following posts.)  In the last post, I mentioned that minecraft is a way to include student voice into their learning. Students can help teachers make the connections by describing how they spend hours doing any of a variety of tasks. …

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Minecraft for Learning, pt. 1

Updated: August 2, 2016 Earlier this year, I was asked how Minecraft can be used in education. At the time, I’d done some digging in just that topic because my kids were deep into the game, both solo and through home networking. Recently, I’ve been asked to share more. So in the next several posts …

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