I’m on my way to Columbus Ohio for the Ohio ASCD Summer Conference. I’ll be keynoting the event and presenting during the breakout sessions on several topics relating to putting Differentiation into Action. You can follow my tweets via @jmccarthyeds using #ohioascdconf


My keynote will address some of the misconceptions that exists around Differentiation. The key message is “Keeping Students Inside the Frame” of what we plan and do in education. Too often, all of the legitimate concerns and challenges that educators face are allowed to become the focus. State mandates, standardized testing, (sometimes) overwhelming curriculum, and “limited” time–just to name a few challenges–make educators feel so burdened that a result is student learning get’s lost in the picture. While tackling these challenges, we must also ensure that our charges learn and grow., because someday they will be adults–and they will make decisions with us, and for us.

During my talk, I’ll reference some of the articles that I’ve written for Edutopia in the Myth-Busting DI series. Check them out, and please share them via your social media of choice. Let’s spread the word.

  1. Myth-Busting Differentiated Instruction: 3 Myths and 3 Truths
  2. There’s No Time to Differentiate: Myth-Busting DI, Part 2
  3. Differentiation Is Just Too Difficult: Myth-Busting DI Part 3
  4. Teachers Are in Control: Myth-Busting DI, Part 4

What questions do you have? What other obstacles do you see with Differentiation? Share in the comments. I’ll respond.