Gaming to Learn

Having a positive collaborative culture in an esports program, such as clubs, intramurals, teams, camps, and courses is essential. A gamer code of conduct helps establish expectations and opens opportunities for reflection about what makes a gaming environment fun, supportive, and a place for learning.

Purpose and Value for Creating a Gamer Code of Conduct

A gamer code of conduct lays out the expectations for what everyone agrees to support in the gaming culture. These expectations are intended to communicate the core beliefs that participants will be guided by with their behavior and actions towards others.

It is important that gamers and their parents/guardians review and reflect on the gamer code of conduct to understand what is being asked by participating in the program. It enables them to have clear conversations with staff if they have any questions or concerns.

Esports staff should review the gamer code of conduct with their students to ensure common understanding of what is intended by the guidelines for benefiting a positive collaborative gaming culture. This helps students ask clarifying questions and express ideas and make connections to feeling supported.

Design a gamer code of conduct that reflects the mission, vision, and values of the school or district. This alignment is important because gaming is a rich opportunity for students to bring over the digital citizenship skills developed into all aspects of their school experiences, such as in their courses and classes.

Code of Conduct Example


Review the sample version to the right. Download a copy:

PDF or Word Doc

Gamer Code of Conduct

We believe in providing and supporting an inclusive culture that welcomes everyone. As such, we are committed to providing a friendly, safe, welcoming, and fun environment for all gamers and staff, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, or religion. This code of conduct outlines our expectations for behavior by gamers, staff, and guests. All determinations of appropriate or inappropriate behavior are at the sole discretion of the esports staff/sponsors. Their decision(s) will be final. 

Please review and reflect on the following gamer codes. 

  • Students must initial each box to show understanding and agreement. 
  • Both students and a parent/guardian must sign at the bottom to show that they agree to follow and support the gamer codes. 

Let’s Game!


I agree to be respectful in my words and actions towards others and myself.

Gaming should be fun. Avoid actions that put others down or make them feel bad. There is no room for Trolling, Inting, Raging, or Negative Spamming. If you are angry about your own play or that of others, take a breath, step away from the game, chat with a counselor or friend about something different. When you’re ready, join back into a new game with a fresh start.


I agree to be patient and supportive with myself and of others.

Losses happen. Mistakes and poor play happen. Being salty, harsh critiques and accusations do not need to happen. Lift up others and yourself. Encourage others when they are playing at expectations that are less than yours or their own. “Keep trying. You’ll get there.” “It’s okay.” “It’s only a game.”


I agree to be welcoming and inclusive of others.

Everyone is made to feel welcomed and included. No one discriminates because of backgrounds, gender identity, experiences, or other.


I agree to listen and follow directions by the staff related to the activities and culture.

The staff’s primary role is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity for enjoying the games and activities provided by the camp, while ensuring that everyone feels safe and treated fairly. Sometimes a student may not recognize their inappropriate behavior, which staff will provide coaching to help them learn from their mistakes and/or behavior. However, the safety of each person comes first.


I agree to do my best to stand up for fair treatment by others and myself

Everyone should be treated fairly. If you see something questionable, tell the staff. Let’s stand up for each other and have fun.


I agree to follow district guidelines for Digital Citizenship when playing online games.

Keep your and anyone else’s personal information private. Some of the gaming options such as Rocket League or League of Legends might include matches with anonymous players from outside of the camp. While all games are monitored by staff, it is important that campers comply with the following guidelines during these instances:

  • Chat is rarely needed for game related communications, and recommended not to be used. Microphones may only be used between campers in the gaming room. 
  • Do not share any personal information. The focus is on playing the game and getting to know your fellow campers. If an anonymous gamer shares or asks for personal information, immediately notify camp staff.
  • Play the game with respect, patience, and professional behavior. Your actions reflect yourself and others in a digital world. Treat others with respectful behavior as you would those you care about.



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