Empower Student Voices

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How can we empower student voices to take charge of their learning with & without teacher as authority?





While reading please highlight 3 passages with one of the following marks:

  1. √ = Affirmation of own ideas or thinking.
  2.  ! = Epiphany – New idea sparked from the passage.
  3. ? = Question is sparked from the passage.


Say Something Protocol (One reference)

  1. First volunteer reads one of their selected passages.
    1. Share why what the passage means to her/him.
    2. Share implications the passage may or could have for students’ experiences and teacher practice.
  2. Each person in the group shares what the passage means to them and their practice.
  3. Everyone gets one opportunity to speak. Afterwords there is no cross-talk.
  4. Choose a new volunteer and repeat steps 1-2.


Additional Resources