Making Authenticity Real

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Knows/Need to Know:





While reading please highlight 3 passages with one of the following marks:

  1. √ = Affirmation of own ideas or thinking.
  2.  ! = Epiphany – New idea sparked from the passage.
  3. ? = Question is sparked from the passage.


Discussion Protocol: 3 Levels of Text Protocol by National Reform Faculty

  1. (2 min.) 1st volunteer shares one of their passages. Other participants silently listen.
    1. Explain what the passage means to self.
    2. Reflect on what implications does the passage may have on their professional practice.
  2. (2 min.) Other participants reflect aloud on their perspective on the passage(s) and volunteer’s comments. The volunteer silently listens.
  3. (2 min.)The entire team discusses the passage(s)
  4. Choose a new volunteer and repeat steps 1-3.


Chalk Talk

Let’s reflect on Authenticity with a silent conversation.


Resources for Starting & In-depth Learning Experiences

Videos of Authentic Learning Experiences

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