Hello and welcome.

This is a space for dialog about exploring ways to help learners be successful. Whenever there’s a social gathering of educators the conversation finds it way to how education would be so much more effective if we, insert sub group of educators, could “really” run things. I always feel sorry for the spouse or date who tagged along and is not an educator. This is a passionate conversation that takes place around many a coffee potNewPaths or dinner. Despite what is sometimes portrayed, educators are very passionate about the profession and genuinely want to meet the needs of all students by whatever means necessary.

But there are obstacles, perceived and real, that must be tackled and windmills that must be tilted. Here, I will attempt to explore and take on those needs and challenges. For every need there are solutions. There are roads either less traveled or unseen because of the many and sometimes conflicting initiatives that demand an educator’s attention. Yet there are possibilities by finding and exploring these paths, worth fighting through the bramble that catches at feet to trip or leave deep scratches from attempting to push through. With courage and a vision-based compass, we can uncover paths to the better world for learners.

Come. Join me on this exploration for opening paths…