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What inspired this article recently published on Edutopia (see link near the end) are the conversations I’ve had with others over recent posts that attack Differentiated Instruction as something either too difficult to do or simply not worth trying. See my article: Rebutting Misconceptions about Differentiated Instruction here on Opening Paths. Such conversations might sound like banging one’s head on a walnut with the intent to open it, but I appreciate the dialog–especially when the other person is genuinely open to the conversation. Yet even the individuals who don’t appear interested in such a dialog make for interesting conversation. They strengthen my resolve and communication around Differentiated Instruction.

The result is an article on Edutopia. It’s intended to focus on helping those with doubts or genuine frustration to find the first steps towards the possibilities for meeting the needs of all learners. The original title included the word “Not?” I love what Edutopia did with the title. Just giving insight inside my mind when I wrote the article 🙂 If you like it, please share it via your social medias of choice.

student_pilotDifferentiation Is Just Too Difficult – Not?: Myth-Busting DI Part 3



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