Collaboration is an important global competency that students need to learn and refine. By the time they enter any post-secondary experience, students with over 10-12 years of honing this skill will be well prepared to forge ahead with new learning and career paths. They will seek out mentors and build strong networks of people with whom they learn, develop ideas, design, and reflect.

How do we ensure that each succeeding generation develop collaboration as part of their core global competencies? Here is the first of a long list of voices who provide deep insights for such an important journey.

  1. Edutopia: Schools That Work: “The Power of Collaborative Learning” Here’s how one school approaches the practice of collaboration with students.
  2. Edutopia index on Collaborative Learning – Find a collection of blogs, videos, and discussions regarding this valuable topic.
  3. Finding Time for Collaboration by Education Leadership – Time is always a commodity that educators struggle with. When it comes to the debate of quality learning, collaboration can be an essential part of learning.
  4. Why collaboration is vital to creating effective schools by the Washington Post is about adult collaboration. It sites research on how collaboration is integral to successful schools and districts. In our efforts to develop collaboration skills in our students, we must not lose site that model and honing our own collaboration skills are necessary if we hope to effectively coach students.
  5. The Mediation Protocol is a set of guidelines used to coach students on how to address problems within their work teams. The intent of the protocol is to empower students to deal with team problems with professionalism and an eye towards resolutions that strengthen the team.

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