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Here are examples of great ideas from teachers who dared to be innovative with their students. Authentic Learning Experiences are powerful for developing deep content understanding and Global Success Skills. Each of ALE units:

  1. empowered student voice in decision making
  2. included relationships with experts, mentors, and/or clients
  3. focused on an authentic need or issue beyond the classroom.

ALE Lessons and Units

  • 5th Graders Fight Cancer – Dupont-Hadley Middle School at MNPS, Nashville, TN
    The 5th grade team did an interdisciplinary project that included curriculum in Science, Math, and Language Arts. Students created an awareness campaign during a school evening event. Their goal was to raise money to donate to Cancer Research on behalf of a local hospital with a Children’s Cancer Ward. One of the 5th graders was a 2-time cancer survivor.

  • Philanthropy – Center for Innovation: L12 Capstone, Lapeer, MI
    Seniors work in self-selected teams of 2 to 4 based on common interests. They choose a cause to raise awareness about and to advocate for funding or resources needs. The teacher team of 4-5 planned authentic experiences throughout the year.
  • Hope From Me to We – Lake Travis ISD, TX
    Students explored a social issue that they wanted to advocate for change or improvement. For many, the experience was transformational as they witnessed how much of an impact their voice had.
  • EdCamp by Students – Lake Travis ISD, TX
    Students in 4th grade planned and ran their own EdCamp for the benefit of the community. Here’s a video of their authentic efforts.

  • PBL in Action Playlist
    This video playlist is a collection of authentic learning experiences ranging from a Young 5s program to high school students. The experiences range from a couple of lessons to entire units. They all have in common an ALE focus, which separates their learning experiences from traditional practice to eventual student-centered learning and student buy-in. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel for other video topics for reflections on practices.

Why ALE | Examples | Strategies | Articles