The work starts with Listening to your story…

Understanding your journey for school improvement clarifies the important contexts for the best paths.

The best work is done in partnership. Through co-planning, supportive advising, content development, and coaching, success for student achievement and growth is paramount.

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At Opening Paths we offer personalized support and planning for systemic change to meet your unique needs.

We help organizations with a wide range of areas. Each is an opportunity to help you achieve your vision for success. Our specialty is supporting K-16 and adult learning.

Support Areas

We offer a variety of services, including facilitated planning, coaching, workshops, virtual coures, and artifact development. The services for Intentional Differentiation and Esports Program Development exemplify how all listed services are provided in a personalized approach based on your needs.

Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Intentional Differentiation (or Differentiated Instruction)
  • Esports Program Development
  • Global Professional Skills and Digital Citizenship
  • Innovations in Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Practices
  • Writing Practices
  • Coaching Coaches for sustainable impact
  • Authentic Learning Experiences (ALE) and Project Based Learning (PBL)
  • Climate and Culture
  • Course Design

All formats can and are custom designed to smoothly fit your needs. One size does not fit all. We pride ourselves on designing experiences and artifacts that meet the needs for “your community.” Examples of the following list can be seen with some of our most popular areas for support: Intentional Differentiation and Esports Program Development

Facilitated Consulting

Planning meetings, implementation planning, ideation process, and design challenges means bringing the right people together to provide their skills and experience for accomplishing an important task. We provide facilitated guidance, informed by experience and expertise with helping stakeholders stay on track and achieve the identified goals.


Personalized coaching to small groups and individuals around systemic goals and challenges can be the difference maker for long term success. We use a variety of coaching skills, informed by best practices, to help groups find the best answers and solutions to their unique needs and tasks.

Workshops, Institutes, and Camps

We help you build capacity and longterm sustainability of important program by:

  • leading professional development of job-related skills and programs (workshops)
  • facilitating content development and longterm planning for important implementations (institutes)
  • running camps for learners where best practices are modeled and coached so that the staff members, who are supporting, learn how to lead the sessions on their own (camps)

Artifact Design

We help many organizations with building sustainable models by designing and creating artifacts that staff and students use to inform learning while maintaining fidelity to the adopted structures and frameworks. We’ve created many implementation guides, units of study, and courses that organizations use long term to achieve their adopted models.

1-on-1 Coaching Sessions Opportunities

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