breath_shipThroughout my career I’ve been blessed with people who’ve taken me under their wing to guide, advise, and develop. The experiences are eye-opening and humbling. I’m constantly reminded that, to paraphrase Socrates, there is much that I don’t know that I don’t know.

Throughout my career, I take opportunities to pay forward the gifts my mentors have provided me. When possible, I help others along their career, perhaps raise awareness to some about educational practices that took me longer to recognize. I know when I’m mentoring well when I’m learning from the person I’m supporting.

I’m thankful for those opportunities, and I ask that in your career journey to mentor others, and be mentored. Social Network PLNs are great opportunities. The learning is collaborative and mutually beneficial. I currently participate with:

  • #DI4ALL (site): Differentiated Instruction – 1st & 3rd Mondays @ 9pm EST.
  • #SBLCHAT: Standards Based Learning – Every Wednesday @ 8pm EST.
  • #PBLCHAT (article): Project-Based Learning – Every Tuesday @ 8pm EST.
  • #LIVEDCHAT (blog): Every Wednesday @ 9pm EST.
  • #SATCHAT (FB + article): Ed Leadership: Every Saturday @ 7:30am EST.
  • #MICHED (site): Michigan Educators & others: Every Wednesday @ 8pm EST.

Explore this listing of Education-based PLN groups. Uncover the ones that fit your interests and needs.

Who will you mentor in the next 30 days?

Happy Thanks ED Giving!