Resources for Supporting Esports Programs


Getting Started...

Here are resources that I’ve designed for different clients. They are creative commons licensed. Feel free to read and use them. Contact me with any questions.

  • Esports Team Launch Quick Guide
    This guide includes a simple and comprehensive checklist of what needs to be done to plan and launch a team.
  • Esports Learning Guide for Teachers and Coaches
    This resource contains 14 modules about different aspects of esports, from growing a healthy culture, practicing Global Professional Skills, such communication, collaboration, and problem solving, to learning about different aspects of the esports industry. The format is student-led project-based learning.
  • Esports Guide for Planning Clubs and Intramurals
    This comprehensive guide includes checklists and templates for planning and implementing esports.


Esports Services

Are you looking for guidance or need design guide to implement an esports component such as teams, clubs, intramurals, classes, CTE framework, or other esports-related component? We have a list of Esports Services to find what you need.

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Let’s set up a meeting to explore options for designing a personalized plan for coaching staff, consulting with leadership, or designing a critical artifact to support your successful esports program.