Professional Learning Network

ISTE has a good group that focuses on Gamification called Games & Simulations Network. ISTE members get access to emails regarding the ongoing conversations in the forum. It is a wealth of information that helps practice and innovation in this area. It’s worth becoming an ISTE member just for this resource, but there is much more.

Networking & Learning Collaboration

Consider following on Twitter:

Here are rich opportunities to have ongoing conversations with other educators who, like you and me, are exploring the use of Gamification and Game-based Learning to engage students into deep substantive learning, while having fun 🙂

Starting Place

The site that I like the most is: Badgeville.

Best place to think about gamifying lessons and units. It provides a wealth of ideas about different elements a teacher can pick from to customize the gaming experience for their students. Besides badges, consider use of experience points and levels. Turn major assessments into Boss rounds after students have accumulated enough experience points (practice) to level up for the showdown.

I teach an online course on Gamification for Dell and MI TRIG. Registration is free to Michigan Teachers. (Registration) Come check it out.

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