So All Can Learn: A practical guide to Differentiation

Launch Date: February 28

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Teaching to all learners feels like an enormous challenge. Add obstacles such as class size, time, and top down mandates, and it’s not surprising that teachers may succumb to the temptation to just survive.

The reality is that all of those obstacles are very real, and can get in the way of what is needed for students. But, what is also true is that those obstacles impede teaching and learning, not Differentiation itself. Without Differentiation, the problems remain for “teaching” and “learning”.

Differentiation is a lens and a toolkit of processes that help teachers meet the needs of all students, and overcome the obstacles that threaten learning.

Here are some of my articles that provide approaches to tackle these obstacles, while you await your preorder 😉 of So All Can Learn: A practical guide to Differentiation, which provides more in-depth answers and guidance for addressing how to effectively and efficiently teach So All Can Learn.

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